The robbery game sponsored by young criminals are continuing in Auckland.The young criminals decided to damage the business hub of New Zealand. There are four more roberries reported in last two days, most of the robberies intends for small business and shops especially owned by Indians. A Mobil gas station at East Tamaki was targeted last night and this morning around 5am-5.30am a group of 7-9 people robbed Gull gas station in East Tamaki. One shop on Lincoln Road was burgled on Friday evening where Police has still not visited despite the shop owners scared to enter the shop. Another fresh incident in last night the “Pizza home” store in Papatoetoe was looted by another set of young offenders.

Justice Minister
Mark Mitchell

Meanwhile Two kiwi-Indian MPs Kanwaljith Bakshi and Dr Paramjeet Parmar along with representatives of Crime Prevention community group of Auckland, met the Associate Minister for Justice, Mark Mitchell. The representative of Crime Prevention community group, Mr Sunny Kaushal request the the government to review and frame and implement tougher laws to deter the perpetrators of aggravated robberies about the consequences of their action, especially for juvenile offenders.The Minister seriously listen their concerns , assured commitment of Government to protect business and trade of people and to do strict legal steps for prevention of spate robberies in Auckland.

The cctv footage of looting pizza home Papatoetoe by young criminals is now released to public. Public demand strict and prompt action from Government and Police,

New hub reported a suggestion of former Māori Party co-leader Dame Tariana that , she did sympathise with dairy owners who have been attacked, but said they wouldn’t be a target if business operators refused to stock cigarettes in the first place.

Prime Minster Bill English has rulled out a ban.

“It’s a legal product, the sale of it is heavily constrained. It’s pretty heavily taxed, so we don’t plan to stop selling it, but we are going to put 1100 more staff into the police to make sure that our communities are safe.”
Meanwhile, a crime prevention group organiser Mr Sunny Kaushal in Auckland says that it’s not just cigarettes motivating robberies on dairies and liquor stores.

A crime prevention group in Auckland says it’s not just cigarettes motivating robberies on dairies and liquor stores.

There have been four more shop robbery incidents in last two days.
The small business owners and the workers continue to live in fear, however the Government claim that the crime is under control . But the situation in realty gives a different story. The law and order situation in Auckland appears out of control, Aucklanders especially small business and traders are no more feeling safe at their work, streets or home. Meanwhile Police department urgently recruiting more than 1200 constable positions, assured that most of the deployed in Auckland for beefing up the police patrol. However the time taken for recruitment and training new constables may take at least 4-6 months. Meanwhile young hooligans may seriously damage the well known business city of New Zealand. This also affect to new projects and investments planned by entrepreneurs and other large business groups to start any business in Auckland, Some traders planning to move another cities of New Zealand for safe and security of their business and property

The crime prevention group already organized by traders and small business holders of Auckland decided to bring the wider community groups together, formed the community action group and last week launched the petition to force the Government to review and make the necessary changes in the existing law, more powers to Police, more Police on Patrol and re-open over 30 Police stations those were closed to public by the current Government.An official mass Petition campaign launched after a series of attack of small business and shops in Auckland by Stop Crime NZ Crime prevention group in Auckland. The founder of Crime prevention group Mr Sunny Kaushal said to “Indianzherald” that Crime Prevention Group team has launched its petition nationwide to force the Government for a review and toughen the existing law against burglaries and assaults on shopkeepers. .People across wider communities feel strongly on the deteriorating Law and order situation. This mass petition is intends for submitting in Parliament soon to review the present efficacy of NZ police Polices and Strategy. The crime prevention group also planning to organise a large protest march on next month. Now more than 600 signatures were received for their mass petition intend to submit New Zealand Parliament