It is confirmed that labour party leader, Priyanca Radhakrishnan is the first Kiwi Indian Member of Parliament for New Zealand Labour party. She will be sworn as a Member of Parliament from the list of Labour party on 2nd week of October. Priyanca born in Kerala state of Southern Part of India, after done her school education Singapore, she came for her higher studies in Massey University of New Zealand on 2004. There are thousands of students came from India for higher studies in New Zeland every year.However, no one has such a dream to become a member of Parliament and even in politics, most of them aimed to get a good job and residency in New Zealand. During the period of her university studies, Priyanca engaged with some social work as part of her University social studies, which slowly paved her way to Labour party Membership. She attracted the policies and stands of Labour party, which is similar to a communist party, where her forefathers worked in Kerala. Inspiration from her ancestors, she joined New Zealand Labour party on 2006. She worked hard, sincerely and she expresses her own strong opinions about labor party meetings, for framing party policies. She worked hard and became members of different policy-making committees and sub committees, this young Indian lady became strong voices of New Zealand Labour party. She worked in New Zealand labor party for the last 12 yrs, Now the party wants to send her to parliament as a strong voice of Labour party.
The Senior Leader of Labour party Andrew Little assured before the general election that, there must be a one Kiwi Indian MP for the labor party in Parliament on 2017. For this Party included her name as 11th position in party list and a labour contesting candidate for Maungakiekie electorate in Auckland
Even if She failed to retrieve the seat for Labour, but shows very strong contest in that electorate, where she failed in a narrow margin of votes and secured 42% of party votes in that electorate. Now She is on 11th position of Party list and confirmed that members of Parliament as result of 36% of votes secured by Labour party in this election.
After the general election, Labour party can send 16 Members to Parliment as List MPs from the total vote contribution to their party at national level , where Priyanca placed 11th Position. Both List MPs and those Memberss who won from electorate to Parliament have same powers and rights.
She engages well with people across communities and loves meeting new people. She has spent her work life advocating on behalf of groups of people especially women victims as a result of family violence, protecting human rights of vulnerable women and children in community, against discriminating people in the community for which she lobbying government in the platform of Labour party for a positive change. Priyanca also a member of the Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network and the National Council of Women (Auckland) and active member of Indian community, Auckland Malayalam Samajam,
According to Ms Radhakrishnan, the three main issues affecting Indian community in New Zealand are safety (law & order), housing, public transport and health, and she will be focusing on raising community’s voice in parliament around these issues.

“Safety is definitely on top of the list.

“Lately, there have been many brutal attacks in the community and Labour is taking it seriously,” Ms Radhakrishnan said.

“On top of these normal issues dear to Labour Party, there are some issues affecting our community disproportionately such as institutional racism where our people find it hard [to get integrated] as ethnic communities in general,” Ms Radhakrishnan asserted.
Priyanca Parents are presently living in Chennai, and she lives in Auckland with her husband Richardson who work in IT field and also supporting her wife for her social,political activities.