Hamilton ( NZ) – An online fund collection initiated by  Hamilton Marthoma congregation in  New Zealand  for helping  assist family admitted at High dependent Unit of Waikato hospital. All three are in a unresponsive , vegetative state  on  life support machines at Waikato hospital. The  family include  Mr Shibu Kochummen (35), his wife Subi Babu(32) and his mother Alekutty (62). All of them were found unconscious  suddenly  after  ate cooked wild boar meat at their home at Hamilton on last Thursday late  night( 09/11/2017).They had started vomiting and fainting shortly after eating dinner including a dish of wild boar.Fortunately 2 children aged 7 and 1,  not consumed   game meat ,who are currently looked after by their Marthoma church group

Marthoma Church created a givealittle page   for easy convenient donation  from generous people around the world to support this  family. Shibu’s Mother is on visit visa  require  nearly 4000$/day as hospital expense . It is not sure that whether both couple  can  return back to normal health and able to continue their job.Even if they recover consciousness, they may suffer permanent damage to their bodies such as partial or total paralysis or tremors . There will be muscle wastage , which will require intensive physiotherapy. All of this could take up to 6 months or more.   While Shibu & Subi are permanent residents   living at  Putaruru, New Zealand of NZ, Shibu’s mother  came in New Zealand  on a visit visa.

The needs of the family are many and funds are few. ACC (Accident claim corporation)  is yet to respond as food poisoning falls in a grey area of ACC acceptance . So please donate  for noble attempt support this family  in trouble.

Donation possible through online anywhere from the world using debit or credit card or   internet banking( NZ only)

Donate online here ( click the link)

Medical Officer of Health Dr Richard Vipond said officials were investigating potential sources for the illness: “In this case … wild pork meat is one.

“We do not have any evidence to determine any broader contaminated game meat, or that there is a risk to public health, however I would encourage anyone who is hunting or handling game meat to follow guidelines as set out by the Ministry for Primary Industries.”

 Mr Varghese, family friend of Shibu, said it was incredibly difficult seeing his dear friend, who had embraced New Zealand life to the full since shifting here five years ago from India, in such a wretched state.

Medical specialists treating the three reportedly indicated it could take up to two months for the poison to clear their bodies and that they could face long-term damage including paralysis or tremors.

The quick onset of the illness has prompted New Zealand’s National Poisons Centre to suggest the cause may have been botulism, a rare and potentially fatal condition caused by the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.

The bacteria are found in soils and can be ingested via  food that is not properly cooked, leading to symptoms such as vomiting, weakness and paralysis.

Dr Adam Pomerleau, the director of the National Poisons centre, said that symptoms of botulism typically develop twelve hours or more after eating contaminated food but could appear quicker if the dose was “very high”.

Doctors are puzzled by the severity of the condition as such a potent contaminant has not been reported in NZ since 1983. The forensic department has collected samples of all food items in their home and it has been sent away to National Institute of Environmental Science and Research (http://www.esr.cri.nz/) for testing. A detailed toxicology report is expected  soon.