Online fund collection in progress through  give a little page  started by Auckland Malayali Samajam,  to help send  the body of Teena Kunjappan back to her hometown in Kerala, India. Mrs Kunjappan lost her life in a tragic  drowning accident late in the night on Monday, January 29. The collected fund will be used for the transportation, of the body including all documentation and packaging needed to send the body and funeral service, managed  by  Auckland Malayali Samajam. It was estimated that 14000$ required for body the transportation, including all documentation and packaging needed to send the body. Auckland Malayali Samajam requested to donate generously through give a little page.

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The 5 classmates who studied nursing in Royal nursing college Bangalore,  living and working in  Nelson,  used to take off from duty and  gathered  together on every monday at Tahunanui beach  of Nelson

They had gone for a for a beachside walk after food, at 10pm   when they decided to enter into water and got into trouble. Jilu husband of Teena, managed to pull Teena out of the water, at around  11pm  but unfortunately, she died at the scene and body was find out by rescue team at 2 am

The rescue helicopter flew along the beach a couple of times before McAuliffe spotted people sitting in the shallows on the edge of the water.

They landed on the beach next to the person needing medical attention.

Inspector Tim Crawford of Nelson said the couple were part of a group of five who went swimming.

Crawford said they had gone out further and deeper than the rest, but neither of them could swim.

Kunjappan died at the scene and John was taken to Nelson Hospital in a moderate condition.

He was treated and discharged.

Kunjappan’s death has been referred to the coroner.

This is the second incident of drowning in the last three weeks, following the death of a 26-year-old Indian man was pulled out of water on Waimarama Beach near Hastings and pronounced dead at the scene.

Auckland based India’s honorary consul Bhav Dhillon said the Indian High Commission was working closely with with Kunjappan’s family to help them repatriate the body back to the India.

He warned members of the Indian community to not swim in unpatrolled waters.