Major  changes announced by Immigration NewZealand    for reducing the skilled immigration  to New Zealand.The  major changes are

  • Strict rules  stipulated for english language requirement for  all those who  file in  Skilled migrant category. The  present system, principal applicant only mandatory to acquire 6.5 band in Ielts,  spouse and other  members do not  require   high score,  a minimum of 5 was stipulated /one year work experience in NZ also acceptable as confident to work in English speaking environment, But this is going to change now. All members must  acquire certain standards of English. Not yet  publish the actual requirement , But OET is also accepted for immigration purpose from November2016, which was accepted by  other professional councils for registration years ago, but immigration NZ  is approving and accepting OET from next month
  • a  10-15% reduction  of existing  residency approval,   aimed for   residence approvals for the next two years to 85,000 – 95,000 (down from 90,000 – 100,000), To Achieve this category, the skilled migrant category will impose higher barriers to entry by  raise the points, and tightening English language requirements
  •  Skilled migrant application  process, those applied for expression of  interest with 140 points, has been accepted  within 15 workings days from the pool till last week., but this point is again increased to 160 then only  that expression of interest will be selected within 15 working days( if u are  stick on Auckland with  140 points ,   then u can move  out  from Auckland to get another 30 points), Still Expression of Interest can submit lower points, with a current job holders/holding job offer  in NZ, they will be randomly selected, if they have  more or less 10 or 15 points less ;  With   Less points  one can apply  for skilled immigration programme but chances of  getting selected is vary and  less  possibility and long waiting time. But still hopes for  those who are inside the country, if they got  a job with  good salary ( 43k above)  ,they can still  apply  under work to residence after  two year of  work in NZ.
  • The  number of places for capped family categories reduced   to 2,000 per year.Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said the changes unveiled today would reduce the number of migrants being granted residency, in a period when New Zealand has seen record levels of net migration, largely due to the weakness of the Australian economy making a trans-Tasman jaunt less attractive for Kiwis.Migrants make a valuable contribution to New Zealand both culturally and economically, and the Government periodically reviews all our immigration settings to make sure they are working as intended,” Mr Woodhouse saysminister-immigration-nz

 Immigration NZ  reviewed that within the Family Stream, there has been a significant increase in the number of people applying for residence as the partners and dependent children of New Zealand citizens and residents. These applications are not capped, and therefore the only way to manage numbers within the family stream is to lower the cap on parents. So the parent category  more affected.A review of Parent policy will be undertaken, with the aim of ensuring that potential applications can be managed under the new lower cap without creating even longer queues.When INZ has approved 2,000 Parent Category visas, applications under consideration will be put in a queue until more places are available at the start of the 2017/18 financial year.

David Cooper, the operations manager  engaged with immigration service in NZ,  says the higher points requirement for the skilled migrant category will have a “significant impact” and sends a message that “all of a sudden New Zealand is closed for business or it’s got tougher”.Cooper said the government had been advised for the past two years to crack down on the number of skilled migrant applicants who had previously come into New Zealand as international students, which “put pressure on the system”.

“To get to 160 points means you probably have to have a university degree, a job offer, some work experience and be reasonably young to get to that high number of points,” Cooper said. “We have got some CEOs, managing directors and the like who have been recruited to the jobs in New Zealand on six-figure salaries who won’t get 160 points, so they’re immediately affected.”

Cooper said immigration advisers will need to find other pathways for those migrants, either through different visas or to see whether more changes will be made to the point system, which he characterises as a “blunt instrument”.

Major blow  for those who  intend to file and  sponsor their parents for residency, which is  now closed temporary  as it is explained that  11000 of approvals  ( excess of expected) done last two years, immigration wants to reduce the numbers of  parents category in next two years from 11000 to 2000  each year..

There is a political reasons assumed to take this decision,   few weeks  before, The prime minister  stated that, Most of the Kiwi native job seekers are not fit or not available for job due to less skilled or addicted with drugs  so we need immigrants, still continue to allow ad promote immigration, Moreover  Government  granted a  record number of work visas  issued by immigration during 2015-2016. The Labour party  criticized   liberalized immigration  policies of  Government and blamed that  there is no specific  immigration policy framed  for the current rulers of this country. On or before November  2017 General election   to Parliament will take place, so  before that John Key and his   National party wish to protect themselves from the criticism from  opposition  on this subject.    


 for further details  Please go through  official website of immigration NZ