New mobile Australian Visa Application Centre service for Wellington and Christchurch opened

TT Services Opened  new mobile visa application centre service in Wellington and Christchurch on behalf of the Australian Government. Commenced in Wellington on 12th September and in Christchurch on 14th September 2016, this trial will run for an initial three-month period.

The new service will provide visa applicants with an alternative to submitting their visa applications and providing their biometric information at their  existing Visa Application Centres in Auckland and Queenstown, and will attract a premium surcharge in addition to the existing TTS service fee.The Wellington and Christchurch service will be by appointment only, and available in each CBD location on two days each week:From 29 September 2015, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Australia commenced the collection of biometrics in New Zealand.Biometrics will be collected from visa applicants who are in New Zealand at the time of making a visa application to enter Australia, unless they are excluded or exempted from doing so under Australian Government policy.Biometrics will be collected using a quick, discreet and non-intrusive process that captures a facial image with a digital camera and a 10-digit fingerprint scan with a digital finger scanner.

Location Days Hours
Wellington Mondays, Tuesdays 8:00am to 3:00pm
Christchurch Wednesdays, Thursdays 8:00am to 3:00pm

If you wish to book an appointment for either Wellington or Christchurch, by visit their site You will be required to pay the TTS service fee and premium surcharge via our secure online payment gateway in order to receive a confirmed appointment booking. Fees (in New Zealand Dollars) per application are as follows:

Application submission Application submission Biometric collection Application submission
(only) (Secondary Applicant) (only) and biometric collection
48.38 24.19 59.41 71.86

These fees are in addition to the Australian Government Visa Application Charge applicable to the visa you are applying for.The  bookings for these locations are expected to open during the week commencing 7th September, and applicants are advised to check our website for updates.To find out more about how you can submit your visa application and provide your biometric information to the Australian Government in either Wellington or Christchurch, visit