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US elections tend to leave half the population disappointed, many Americans plan to move Canada, New Zealand, Australia , and Ireland.They initially move to these  country on temporary for well-paid jobs, but they  decide to stay on long-term after enjoying the quality of life.Australia immigration’ and ‘New Zealand immigration’ were some of the most searched terms in Google over the past 24 hours after declaration of Trump victory, peaking 4am Wednesday, EST.

Immigration officials said the New Zealand immigration website, which deals with residency and student visas, had received 1,593 registrations from U.S. citizens since November 1, more than 50 per cent of a typical month’s registrations in just seven days.

Democratic voters and Anti Trump voters have been frantically searching for an escape to Australia and New Zealand in the hours since Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Hillary Clinton supporters cry as they follow the presidential election results

Hillary Clinton supporters cry as they follow the presidential election results

‘One of the IT professional from Florida  Mrs Catherine said that to Indianzherald that,  “our family cannot imagine a life   with Trump as President of USA, anyway we wish to move soon,

Why  we  select  New Zealand , She added, ”  we try to move to New Zealand from the USA after election result, one probably looking for a relaxed pace of life, in an unspoiled country where people are friendly and look out for each other,”

Canada’s main immigration website remained down as NZ reported increased traffic to its website for residency visas from the U.S. as Trump surged to victory.

Wellington-based startup base Creative HQ put a callout on Twitter ‘for U.S. tech talent to relocate to safer shores and “make startups great again”.’ 

Rod Drury, chief executive of NZ-based global accounting software firm Xero, said the statistics matched up with interest his company has been seeing.

In the past  18 months leading up to November 8, Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand have all extended an invitation to Americans to relocate if they aren’t happy with how the presidential race shakes out.

In most cases, people who talk about moving to another country don’t follow through. (Turns out earning citizenship is a hard, time-consuming process.) But in this case, certain places want to make it as painless an experience as possible

More than 56,300 people visited the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website in the 24 hour period  immediately after  Donald Trump elected  president of the US.

Immigration New Zealand  amazingly inform that,  its website had 56,300 visits in the past day from  US – almost 2500 percent more than normal. During the last 24 hrs after the presidential election result in USA. One of the spokesman said that,  we received more than 70000 visits from USA, last few days, normally  around 1500  daily average visits from United states,but this is was unbelieveable. Moreover INZ  received an average 3000 registrations  within 24 hrs after the declaration of  US election result.

The immigration website site traffic, (Courtsey-Google Trend)'Australia immigration' and 'New Zealand immigration' were some of the most searched terms in Google over the past 24 hours, peaking 4am Wednesday, U.S. ESTTrade Me said it has had 90,000 searches from the US in the last nine days, while’s US traffic was up 141 percent yesterday compared to the same time a year ago.

One American company  and their  workers are thinking of shifting  their company from the US to other country  for better  business atmosphere , New Zealand is the top on their list of potential destinations of investment

This situation  will affect the  New Zealand  job market more competitive  , going to be more competitive and  make  tight the chance  to  get job for  qualified Indian job seekers   and post study visa holders.The present job market  is competitive for qualified professionals from India, after the arrival of Americans, it will be more tighten the  competition  in next coming months .The communication skills give an added advantage to Americans  for kiwi selection criteria.

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