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Labour’s Michael Wood, who last night won a 6,000 vote majority in the Mt Roskill by-election, says the reason for the win was simple, clear messaging.

“The polls come and go, but what actually matters is our ability to talk about issues, to get a clear message out and then to win people’s trust and support. We… did it by keeping the issues and messages relevant to people’s lives and keeping them simple. We didn’t throw a thousand different policies out there. We talked about the core issues that people cared about around affordable housing, around decent transport and crime,” he told  to media

Michael Wood has comfortably won the Mt Roskill by-election with a margin of 6518 votes.

Dr Parmar came distant second with a total tally of 4652 votes as opposed to Michael wood final count of 11,170

Mr Wood’s total vote count so far was 8333, whereas his nearest National rival Dr Parmjeet Parmar was trailing behind at 3,305 votes.

NZPP’s Roshan Nauhria has failed to make any significant impact so far.

Michael Wood has taken an early lead in the counting of advance votes which began shortly after voting ended at 7 p.m. tonight.

The elections which were necessitated after Phil Goff’s election as Mayor of Auckland earlier last month.

This news has expectedly brought some relief in the Labour camp whcih was under tremendous pressure to retain the traditioanal safe seat for the Labour.

The National Party has been relying on playing a mind game to unsettle Labour party prior to election.

That was our other lesson in Mt Roskill – you put the groundwork in from early. We didn’t pop up a few weeks out; we’ve been grinding away, knocking on 25,000 doors over the last six months. And I think that’s one of the other key lessons is that one-to-one, old-fashioned communication, which we did quite systematically on the issues, really works.”