26-year-old Ramandeep Singh Hothi, an Indian immigrant reportedly committed suicide in his suburban Melbourne home in Hillside on Wednesday.

Raman’s wife and two children were in India at the time of the incident.

The reason for him taking the extreme step is still unknown.

His friends say he made a call to his cousin in India right before ending his life at around 2 am on Wednesday, telling him it was his “final call”. His cousin then heard a sound as if the phone fell on the floor.

Extremely worried, Raman’s cousin then tried to call his friends in Australia but his phone calls went unanswered in the wee hours of Wednesday. Friends in Melbourne came to know of his death only later in the morning.

The police attended the incident upon receiving information later in the day.

“Police attended the death of a 26-year-old man in Sydenham yesterday about 12.15pm. The death is not being treated as suspicious and police will prepare a report for the Coroner,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

The death is not being treated as suspicious, and police will prepare a  report for the Coroner,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

Mr Hothi ran a transport business in Melbourne and apparently maintained a “strong man image” among his friends and acquaintances, who were expectedly shocked with the news.

One such griever, Samrinder Singh, commented on Mr Hothi’s Facebook page “cannot believe bro, strong man like you should not take this step, very sad news.”

Malkit Singh Warraich, another shocked acquaintance, commented on Mr Hothi’s social media page “rest in peace Hothi Saab, a shocking start of the year, never imagined you would do that!”

“There was nothing that suggested he could take such a step,” said Gursab Singh who drives a truck with the same company that Raman did business with.

The last update on Raman’s Facebook page before his death was on the New Year’s Day. He had posted his picture wearing a magenta turban and wrote “Welcome 2017. Going for new inning”.

Friends are now getting in touch with the Indian Consulate to get the body repatriated to his family in Jalandhar in India.