Historic visit of Naredra Modi to NZ soon, Our strategy on FTA is .”Open doors to INDIA”-John Key

  •  We put forward “Open doors to INDIA”strategy on FTA -John  Key

  • ‘Lot on the agenda’ John Key Prepares for Better Negotiations with India

  •  After 30 year, a Prime minister of India  likely to visit New Zealand   after  Rajiv Gandhi on 1986

  • Making    2016  as a milestone for bilateral relationship of NZ and India

  • After Modi’s visit  New Zealand  became   the only country in 2016 where   President of India, Prime Minister  of India, Parliamentary Speaker of India    visited  in  a year

  •  Factors  still unknown that, no Indian leaders made any official visit to New Zealand  during last 30 years, though  NZ Indian community population is going to reach 2 lakh

Before going to  official visit to India   on Monday,  John Key prepares for  his   best negotiations for Free Trade Agreement in addition to seeking  other areas of bilateral co-operation with India. He wish to transform 2016 is remarkable period of co-operation with India.There are lot of inactive period of relationship  in previous years, and this year both country seeking more co-operation each other. It is significant  that, John Key initiated  to made India the subject of its first “NZ Inc” strategy in 2011. But Congress led Government, do not interested to do further steps on  FTA  option  put forward  by the  NZ Prime minister. Now the scenario totally changed,  Indian prime minister  now  strengthen external affairs with all international countries. So John Key strongly  hopes  miracles on his visit.

john-key-taj-mahal Mr&Mrs John Key  in front Taj Mahal  during NZ prime minister visit on 2011(file photo)

The NZ Inc strategies are part of the government’s plan to strengthen the country’s economic, political and security relationships with some of its key international partners. Other than the two way trade and businesses, nearly 4 per cent of NZ population is of Indian ethnicity; Indian students are now around 29,000; tourists from India have increased to 46,000 and the Bollywood  industry is choosing New Zealand as a favored location. All these involve people linkages which is also an important consideration  both country chiefs.Hence the visit of the Prime Minister of NZ  is vital given this background and the meeting of both Prime Ministers will be of great significance as we look forward to further strengthening the bond between both the countries.

India plays an important role in the International arena and also extend their hand of friendship to other countries to enable them play a greater role. Thus India has extended the hand of friendship to New Zealand. India has demonstrated the friendship with high level dignitary visits from India. The 1st visit of the President of India, Just a few months ago, is a significant step for taking the bilateral relationship to greater level.

Prime Minister of India  seeking   international support  against terrorism,  even if    New Zealand   not supported   India  for an entry to membership on  Nuclear Suppliers Group, Mr Key followed  similar bid eight years ago under former Prime Minister Helen Clark and Foreign Minister Phil Goff, laying down five conditions India needed to meet.The  NSG  aims to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons by restricting the sale of items that can be used to make those arms.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr. John Key, in Washington DC on March 31, 2016.
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr. John Key, in Washington DC on March 31, 2016.

Both Prime ministers  were first  met  on 31st March of this year in Washington   while they participated  2 day  Nuclear Security Submit. They  initiated   a   discussion  bilateral co-operation in trade, technology, education and tourism.. This visit of John Key as a continuation of this talk

Pranab Mukherjee, who is the first Indian president to come to New Zealand  in April 30th of this year . During his visit, New Zealand has signed a new air services agreement with India, enabling New Zealand airlines to code-share to seven Indian cities – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi.


indian-speaker-in-nzA Parliamentary delegation led by Hon’ble Loksabha speaker  also made an official visit to New Zealand this year in Sept 17-22. During the visit, delegation called on David Carter, the Speaker of New Zealand Parliament and held a meeting with members of the  New Zealand -India Parliamentary Friendship Group at Wellington


.This  growing partnership between India and New Zealand  definitely  creates another  milestone on bilateral relationship of  both countries after the  visit of  Prime Minister John Key to India. It is expected that  Narendra  Modi will  soon  visit New Zealand   after the visit  John Key .While discussing  with an under secretary  of   external affairs ministry of India,   about  NZ prime minister visit ,   ” we have a set of subjects   for discussions, but most of the agreements  finalise  only   after a while, when  PM of India   visit  to NewZealand, which likely to happen after the visit of  John Key. We are actively  interested to discuss all  possible areas of bilateral co-operations”. he said to Indianzherald.

One of  diplomatic person of external affairs of India told unofficially   to Indianzherald that, there  might be restricted  FreeTrade Agreement  may possible after a serious discussion and negotiation or a FTA approval  for short span one or two year  as  trial period  and study the result and impacts on India.We produce 25 billion liters of Milk and NZ produce 2.5 billions liter of Milk every year. if FTA come to effect, we fear about the dairy market of India which  support  daily  livelihood of middle class  Indian dairy farmers.  Major export of NZ is dairy products, we  need more dairy products, but we try to produce within the country. he added

Welcoming the announcement, the General Secretary for India Trade Alliance, Sunil Kaushal said, “It is time for New Zealand businesses to take the Indian market seriously. While our common connections of Commonwealth, food, film and cricket are good connectors, we need to stress more on the people to people connect and the doors they can open.”

While the world’s third largest economy is growing at a fast pace, the role that New Zealand businesses can play in its growth are enormous. Sectors like biotechnology, healthcare, tourism and robotics are in great demand and New Zealand has skilled expertise in these.

Over the past five years India has become a source of skilled migrants, students and tourists, and trade had grown by 41 percent.

While the FTA talks have been progressing, a refreshing approach needs to be taken as NZ Inc redefines it’s‘Opening Doors to India’ strategy Prime Minister John Key to India

photo courtesy – Reuters