The Associate Minister of Immigration David Bennett  took a hard decision as no mercy for unfair deportation orders laid against them due to fraud committed by unscrupulous education agents . He finally reviewed the  final appeal of Indian students who  got deportation orders from Immigration New Zealand and allowed students to go volunteer till 22nd Feb. This decision applicable to  11 students finally  approached to Unitarian Church for last attempt for mercy and amnesty from New Zealand Government.

It's a down day at the Unitarian Church in Ponsonby as nine remaining students face possibly ending their vigil in the next few days. Photo / Brett Phibbs

Photo / Brett Phibbs

Immigration NZ general manager Stephen Vaughan has confirmed that the agency had agreed not to enforce deportation orders against the students while it considers a request from their lawyer to let them leave the country voluntarily.

Their lawyer Alastair McClymont said the agency had agreed not to enforce the orders before next Wednesday, February 22.One of the students was detained on Wednesday morning at his home address in Blockhouse Bay and is due to be put on a plane to India at 2.15pm today. Any of the agreements with existing deportee students will not applicable to him, as he is forcefully deported with public fund


He said he had a commitment that Immigration NZ was willing to discuss a mechanism which may enable the students to reapply for NZ student visas once they returned to India, without suffering the five-year ban on new visa applications that normally applies to people who are deported.

After an eight month long campaign to fight unfair deportation orders laid against them due to fraud committed by unscrupulous education agents and lax approach taken by Immigration New Zealand prior to issuing visas, the students took Sanctuary at Auckland Unitarian Church as a last attempt for mercy and amnesty. The migrant workers leaders   Anu Kaloti, Mr Sunny Sehgal  and  Mr Joe Carolan  of Senior Organizer Unite Union  initially  organised these deportee students and arrange  legal and social support  and confidence for  deportee students. Most of the students  got opportunity to complete their course during these 8 month. But they really denied their statutory  post study job search visa after their studies.

The students are   now compel to leave New Zealand ( instead of deportation) because their agents submitted fraudulent bank documents purporting to show that they had enough money to pay their tuition fees.

The students say they did not know what their agents had done, but the Government says they are responsible because they signed their visa applications

Appeals for compassion and mercy for cancellation of deportations had been made by The Green Party and The Labour Party. Prior to that the students had also appealed to the Minister with the help of their lawyer and Immigration advisers.

Students in Sanctuary hit Hard by Heartless Decision by the Minister

International Indian Students fighting for justice have been handed extremely harsh and ruthless decision today after heard the decision of immigration Minister

While there has been overwhelming support and solidarity for the students in Sanctuary, final decision by the Minister means that the students must depart New Zealand. INZ has undertaken not to deport these students until Wed 22 Feb. This enables the students’ lawyer and INZ to negotiate conditions of departure.

The important decision of Minister issued today

 1All students from this group must return to India
2 After negotiations between INZ and students’ lawyer, students cannot be deported until wed 22 Feb
3 Conditions of departure (deportation, re-entry bans, character waivers) are still under      negotiation with their lawyer and INZ

4 They can return back to India  as normal students who completed their studies, not black marked as Deportees till 22nd Feb- This is the ultimate won factor finally got students from Government, so their passport is not black marked for going abroad to any other country

 The students  can re-apply for any suitable visa. like further student visa, work visa, visit visa through legal way after reaches to  their country. There is no black mark of  record for these students( This is to be  finally under negotiation  with Lawyer and INZ before students leaving from New Zealand)
Deportee  students has been brave enough to fight the injustice imposed by the arrogant and ruthless  direction of  Government. Having fought for so long the students leave New Zealand in a dignified and respectable manner,the migrant workers association of New Zealand  invite all supporters of  deportee students protest to  attend  a  farewell function on  tomorrow(18/02/2017)  2pm at Auckland Unitarian Church in Ponsonby, to  say good bye to students.