Fiji Association organises Krishna Janmashtami

Friday, August 26, 2016 | Gaurav Sharma

The Christchurch Fiji Association had organised a week-long Krishna Janmashtami celebration in the city that ended on Thursday, August 25, with devotees marking the birth of Lord Krishna on the last day. More than 300 people from Fiji-Indian and the wider community attended the celebrations.

“There have been around eight such organisations of the Janmashtami across the city during the past week. People sing Krishna bhajans, offer prayers and share stories from the Lord’s life, which are a lesson for everybody. His defeating his uncle Kansh at a very young age is a lesson on courage and fighting adversity. His dealings with Sudama are a lesson on friendship,” noted Vineesh Prakash, Secretary of the Fiji Association.

For Krishna devotees in the city, one more celebration to look forward to is the Indian Cultural Group’s Janmashtami event on Saturday, August 25, which will also be incorporating Dandiya Ras.