Capital Express-Singapore Airlines’ inaugural flight from Singapore and Canberra touching down in Wellington

The Singapore Airlines “Capital Express” flight between Singapore and Wellington, via Canberra, is Wellington’s first long-haul flight and Canberra’s first international flight.

Wellington’s first long-haul connection has touched down in the capital with the arrival of Singapore Airlines flight from Canberra and Singapore.

Wellington’s first long-haul connection has touched down in the capital on 21st September

Singapore Airlines flight SQ291, from Singapore via Canberra, landed in Wellington on Wednesday afternoon, where it was greeted with a powhiri.

The plane arrived on time at about 3pm, marking Wellington’s first long-haul connection, albeit one that stops over in Australia’s capital.

Some moderate turbulence was expected at about 1800 metres but the only bumps were light.

Passengers on the inaugural flight departed Singapore at 11pm local time on Tuesday night, landing shortly after 8am Australia time (10am NZ time) on Wednesday.

As well as opening up Wellington’s first long-haul connection, it marks the beginning of direct flights between the capital cities of New Zealand and Australia.

According to Wellington Airport’s website, the plane is expected to arrive on schedule at gate 23 at 3.05pm before flying out, initially for Canberra, at 8.15pm.

The Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency said the flights would add 110,000 seats in and out of Wellington annually which was a 10 per cent increase in Wellington Airport’s international capacity.

Guests, including Australian Capital Territory First Minister Andrew Barr, were given a sneak peek of Wellington life at the airport – from specially brewed Garage Project beer and Whittaker’s chocolate, to displays of the film and coffee industries.

Singapore Airlines is pleased to announce the commencement of services from Wellington to Canberra and onward to Singapore. The new route will provide  customers with a convenient link to both Canberra and Singapore, with connections beyond Singapore to the Airline’s vast global network.

The new Wellington service makes Singapore Airlines the first non trans-Tasman carrier to operate from more than two points in New Zealand. Singapore Airlines will also become the first airline to operate regularly scheduled services between Wellington and Canberra.Flights will commence from Wellington on 21 September 2016, using Boeing 777-200 aircraft, please see the table below for further information regarding flight numbers, operations days, and timing’s of the new flight.