The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is consulting on proposed changes to temporary work visa settings, through the Essential Skills visa policy. The changes aim to ensure that settlement expectations are clear for temporary labour migrants and that the settings enable access to migrant labour where there is genuine need.

The MBIE invite public opinion for consulting on the following proposals:
1) Using wage or salary information to help determine the skill level and visa conditions of Essential Skills migrants.
2) Reinforcing the temporary nature of the visa and managing the settlement expectations of Essential Skills migrants where they have no pathway to residence.
3)Reinforcing that Essential Skills visas may only be granted for the period for which the employment is offered.

download further details from MBIE website

Submissions received from the discussion document will help MBIE develop final proposals for the Government’s consideration.

More information on the proposed changes can be found in the attached downloadable forms above.

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How to Make a Submission

Submissions will close at 5.00pm on 21 May 2017.

You are welcome to make submissions on some or all of the proposals set out in the discussion document. You can choose which proposals to submit on.

Any person or organisation can make a submission. You can incorporate any relevant material in addition to the completed submission document.

You can make your submission by sending it as a Microsoft Word or PDF document to:

Please direct any questions that you have in relation to the submissions process to:

Please include your contact details in the e-mail accompanying your submission.